Weather/Cancellation Policy

HAPP is scheduled to run rain or shine. However, in the event of lightning the following is our procedure:

  1. HAPP organizing committee members will monitor the presence of lightning in Kitchener-Waterloo leading up to and throughout the day of the event. Upon receiving official reports of lightning hitting down in Kitchener-Waterloo, all activity related to  HAPP will stop and the festival will be postponed.The festival will resume 30 minutes after the last recorded hit of lightning.

  2. In the event that lightning touches down and HAPP is postponed, all festival goers, musicians and volunteers must leave Hohner Ave and seek shelter in a building or an automobile. Never stand under trees, in an open street or under an umbrella.

  3. All notifications indicating the stopping/starting and/or cancellation of HAPP will be made through social media. Information can be found first on the:

    1. Hohner Ave Porch Party facebook account

    2. Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association Twitter and Facebook accounts

  4. Cancellation Policy: If HAPP has not resumed by 6 pm the event will be officially cancelled.

  5. If weather is a concern, it is at the discretion of vendors and musicians to attend, meaning changes to schedules and available vendors may happen.